5 must have gadgets for every game freak

If you are an ardent game lover, these gadgets are sure to impress you. Get to know about them in detail and make your pick at the earliest.

Sony PlayStation 3: The PS3 makes use of the best-in class technology that comes preloaded with unique features. The powerful gaming console amalgamates hi-tech graphic car and processor quite well. Over and above all, the PlayStation is popular for its absolutely free online services which means one need not connect with the internet every time but the default PlayStation network will let you play PS3 games online, access the store and download media applications. The PS3 price in India is budgeted and it comes with rich PS3 accessories.

The popular console is known for the following features:

  • It is equipped with cell broadband engine CPU, RSX GPU along with 256MB XDR Main RAM + 256MB GDDR3 Virtual RAM.
  • The PlayStation is available in two storages sizes –12GB and HDD 500GB
  • It is capable of voice and video chats as well.

Price: Sony PlayStation 3 (12GB) is available at a price of Rs. 16,990 while Sony PlayStation 3 (500 GB) is available at a price of Rs. 22, 990.

Alienware 17: This classic gaming laptop is sure to impress you with its impressive and hi-tech features.
This laptop will let you enjoy any game existing on the earth as it comes preloaded with 4th generation processor powered by Intel. The laptop is sassy in looks while the 17-inch TrueLife full HD 3D panel gives clear visibility for an ultimate gaming experience. The laptop is enabled with 5G Wi-Fi adapter for enhanced wireless speed.

The laptop is known for the following features:

  • The hi-end graphics, big screen and graphics amplifier will take your gaming experience to an -altogether new level.
  • The keyboard is enriched with all the features that can make your gaming experience all the more easy including 9 Alienware TactX keys, 4-zone alienFX lighting and a numeric pad.

Price: The approximate price of Dell Alienware 17 is Rs. Rs.1,39,990.00.

Nintendo 3DS XL: The budget-friendly handheld console has a rich library comprising of the best games ever. The touch control features and other handy functionalities make it even better than its mobile competitors. The console has undergone some changes in its look including volume slider which is now on the top screen opposite to the 3D slider, smaller start and select buttons at the bottom on the right side.

The features include:

  • The Nintendo 3DS comprises of a front camera that keeps checking the distance between your face and screen and adjusts the viewing angle to enhance the ease of playing game.
  • The console comprises of two screens, motion and gyro sensors and analog controls for better experience

Price: The all-new Nintendo 3DS XL is available at a price of Rs.22,990 in India.

Playstation 4: This game console is all about enhanced graphics and great controller buttons. PS4 comes with single integrated chip comprising of both eight-core CPU and GPU with 18 compute units. The analog sticks offer more resistance. One can even output stereo audio be it games or movies via PS4.

The PS4 is loaded with following specifications:

  • The console comes with a HDMI output, Ethernet port, S/PDIF output and an AUX port at its peripheral.
  • The sleek device in plastic case is touch-sensitive.

Price: PS4 price in India is Rs. 39,990.

Xbox One: The high-end gaming console boasts of an excellent interface, fast speed, impressive kinect, good collection of games and ease of sharing videos. What else one needs? The fraternity of game lovers will fall in love with this device. One can even watch TV by connecting it with the HDMI cable.

Get well-versed with the features here:

  • The sleek console comes with an excellent UI interface.
  • It is supported by two quad-core Jaguar processor modules and both run at 1.75GHz.

Price: The Xbox One comes at a price of Rs. 45,990.

Happy Gaming!

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