Festivals: The best occasions to purchase big-ticket items

It’s time to welcome the festivities with wide open arms and shop extravagantly. Well, shopping not just completes the celebration but doing it at the right time can save big bucks for you. Planning to buy really big this year? Now is the time.

Well, recent surveys by renowned research institutes have revealed that September, October and November are the best times for buying heavily budgeted appliances, automobiles including cars and bikes, laptops and mobile phones. The main reasons are the launch of the newest and latest models during this time with raining discounts.

Wait no more and quickly jot down your wish list as you’ll find handful of reasons to buy your items during this ripe time.

More holidays, more discounts: After an entire year of hustle-bustle, festivals incepting from September and lasting till December brings joy in the form of holidays and work-offs. This is when the retailers plan to get maximum number of buyers by offering major discounts across heavily priced categories including electronic items and automobiles.

Goodbye to the old, welcome all-new: By the end of the year, the focus of the retailers shifts towards making room for new models that get launched in the market. So, they want their existing inventory to get sold off as soon as possible. This case is especially in the categories of mobile phones and laptops resulting in the most exciting deals and discounts around this time.

Big-ticket items release time: Usually the release time of big-ticket items including cars and bikes is end of September or early October. This is when the last year’s model go on clearance resulting in cracking the best deals ever. Moreover, the pressure of meeting yearly budgets is also way too high and alluring marketing strategies turn fruitful for them in every way.

November is an alarm to the world: With Diwali, Black Friday and many other occasions ringing all over the world, November is like a buzzer for the retailers and the customers to buy major products including big and small appliances, vacuum cleaners, HDTVs, tablets, digital cameras and other electronic goods. The retailers give heavy discounts to meet their targets and customers buy them as they get the best rates compared to the rest of the year.

Marriage bells go ringing: Since most of the marriages take place during this time of the year. So, people tend to buy useful home appliances, automobiles and other stuff for new family setups. It’s the gifting season and so mobile phones, ipads, laptops are also in great demand.

Festivals are considered lucky: Last but not the least, people in India are still attached to their roots in many ways. Their thoughts are conventional and they assume festivals to be the luckiest time of the year when they can spend big bucks and fill their home with everything new. They are likely to spend more during such occasions and find it quite blissful.

So, people just plunge into the pool and find the best deals for you as this is the time when you can catch hold of the best items in various categories that too at affordable prices. Happy Shopping! Enjoy the festivities in full swing.

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