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There are only few brands, which carry the aura of trustworthiness, faith and belief. Trust comes with the times, consistency and with the quality of products and services offered by a brand. Honeywell is one such brand, which is continuously building trust & offering new product range to its consumers.

Honeywell is a known global brand and software – technology industrial company, which touches multiple, segments of our life including vehicles, aerospace, buildings & homes, plants & manufacturing, security, supply chains to make our world more safer, smarter and sustainable.

With a strong background and a strong team in more than 50 locations globally, Honeywell’s commitment to India is commendable in seven state-of-the-art manufacturing and engineering operations, with five global hubs of excellence for technology development and innovation.

LPG / CNG Gas Detector:

Honeywell’s Gas Leak Detector is a device for early warning detection for LPG or CNG gas leakage from cylinders or through pipelines. It’s a device, which can detect the gas leakage in the beginning itself and alert the residents about the danger to take precautionary steps. Gas detection is done by diffusion.

According to the studies, our sensitive nose can sense the smell at much lower ppm level of gas, which could be as low as 500 ppm. LPG detector device is calibrated to give alarm at about 2,000 ppm to avoid unnecessary false alarms. This level is sufficient for early warning because LPG becomes explosive only after 20,000 ppm which is 10 times the concentration at which the detector sounds an alarm. This device can be mounted on the wall is really compact and designed for low domestic as well as commercial usage such as hotel kitchens etc.

Features of Gas Detector by Honeywell:

Following are the main features of Gas Detector offered by Honeywell:

  • Can detects gases – LPG, CNG and Natural gas.
  • Potential free relay contacts for alarm output
  • Semiconductor type Gas detection sensor.
  • Gas is detected when LPG concentration exceeds about 10%-15% of Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) (2,000-3,000ppm) in the given volume. LEL for LPG is 20,000ppm

Technical Specification of LPG Gas Detector:

Here is the technical specification of LPG Gas detector:

Technical Specification Gas Detector
Technical Specification Gas Detector

Easy Installation of Honeywell Gas Leak Detector:

Before installing Honeywell Gas Leak Detector, we should have the checklist ready as per the following:

  1. Device with power cord
  2. Test Gas Bottle (Lighter)
  3. User Manual

Identify the place to install Gas Leak Detector:

LPG Gas Detector Placement
LPG Gas Detector Placement – Image Courtesy Honeywell

LPG is heavier than air. It has the tendency to settle down. Hence, when you are using LPG cylinder, the Gas Leak Detector must be installed at 30cm height above floor level.

Placement of LNG / PNG / CNG Detector
Placement of LNG / PNG / CNG Detector – Image Courtesy Honeywell

Natural gas (LNG/PNG/CNG) is lighter than air. Hence when you are using it, the Gas Leak Detector must be installed 30cm below the ceiling.

Key Points to Remember While Installing Gas Leak Detectors:

  • Avoid installing very near to exhaust fan
  • Don’t install by the side of a door or window
  • Avoid installing directly above the gas stove
  • Places where water can splash on to the unit

In case of Gas Leakage Useful Tips:


  • If the gas leakage is severe, it is very dangerous for anybody to enter the premises. Call Fire brigade / Gas dealer.
  • If there is a minor / moderate gas leakage- Turn off the knob, regulator, to stop gas supply.
  • In case of complaints or concerns, get in touch with the customer support team & register a complaint.


  • Don’t be panic.
  • Do not press any electrical switch.
  • Do not try to throw light any kind of fire or lamp.

Best Gift for Corporate Employees & Partners / Retail Suppliers:

There are multiple products to recommend but when we talk about gifting something innovative to your corporate clients or your employees, there are few brands on those we can trust.

We recommend Honeywell Gas Leak Detector devices to ensure your home’s safety. This device is the best fitment & gift for corporate employees, your customers, suppliers / clients. You may get gas leak detector price by sending your enquiry to, please mention your quantity in the multiple of 100 to ensure the best bulk deal assurance. Buy LPG Gas Detector now to protect your homes.

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