The Perfect TV Guide: LCD vs. LED vs. Smart TV

Planning to buy a high-end television model with promising features, sleek design and latest technology? Well, make a wise decision after getting well-versed with the honest comparisons of the existing range of televisions. Take out a bit of your time to go through the comprehensive analysis that is not less than a full-proof TV buying guide. We are sure this will prevent you from all sorts of confusions while you actually step out of your home to buy one.

The market is brimming with endless options be it LCD, LED or Smart TV. It’s advisable to go with a crystal clear mindset and buy the TV that you actually need for yourself and your home. Here you go with some expert TV buying advice.

LCD TVs, LED TVs and Smart TVs: LCD aka Liquid Crystal Display TV sets saw a revolution in the world of television. The cathode ray tube based televisions were soon a passé after the grand welcome received by LCD Televisions. Popular for their sleek look and flexibility to get mounted on a wall or stand on a flat surface, these TVs consume far less power as compared to plasma display as they trap light instead of emitting it.

On the other hand, LED (Light Emitting Diodes) TV sets with lights at the back of the screen are the advanced version of LCDs. They have enhanced black levels and contrasts. LEDs are sleeker than LCDs, they too can be mounted on a wall and consume far less power that LCDs.

Smart TVs are the newest versions for modern homes as they come with built-in internet connectivity and provide access to online features including videos, social networking and messaging.

The difference in picture quality: Talking about the picture quality, LED televisions are at par with LCDs. LEDs come with an in-built technology of dimming or brightening back lighting which result in modifying the color as per the needs and preferences of individuals. LCD TVs are also not far behind in the league in terms of providing color accuracy and better viewing angle.

Even smart TVs come with great displays in bright colors. The intense black levels with separate dark and light hues enhance the contrast ratio that the television has to offer.

Get the home theater experience: LCD TVs are a great option for gaming as they come with heads-up display (HUD) while LED TVs are just the right pick to give you a high-end home theatre feel. Smart TVs are the competent high definition device that has HDMI ports, USB ports for flash drives.

Good technology is proportional to long life: All the three versions – CCFL-lit LCD television sets, LED-backlit TVs or smart TVs aka internet television, all are budget-friendly, energy efficient and durable. You befriend with them once and they will stay as your loyal friend for long years.

With technology upgrading day by day, one has more options to choose according to his/her budget and specific needs. Talking about the updated versions of cathode ray tube-based television sets all the three versions –LCD, LED and Smart TV are at par with each other. It’s just that you need to pick according to your personal demands. Happy Shopping!

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