Top five fuel efficient 125 cc scooters in India

Scooter, the vehicle that has been the first vehicle of the middle class Indian masses, has been around, marking its presence since a very long time in the country’s automobile market. What first used to be the only reason for buying a scooter, the cost has been trespassed by smooth ride, strong, reliable engine; and savings on fuel as the reasons for bringing a scooter home.

Fuel efficiency has been one of the prime factors behind buying a scooter. While the sub-110cc scooters are considered very efficient, the shortage of power to function effortlessly is a problem that riders frequently comes across. Overtaking becomes very laborious while cruising at any speeds beyond 65 km ph places a heavy strain on the engine that then leads to both – an engine and life mileage.

While the standard 110cc scooters come across as a problematic scooter class, their 125cc counterpart promises the ideal balance between the scooter’s performance and fuel-efficiency. Though the escalation in displacement might seem marginal, the enhancements are noteworthy. The torque and power outputs rise, and are produced at a minor rpm, which translates to a faster acceleration with the capacity to travel at comfortable engine speeds while the mileage only drops by small margins as compared to the standard 110cc scooter.

The key two-wheeler players in India, have recognized the solid consumer need for fuel efficient and yet powerful and are slowly but progressively introducing scooters in 125cc automatic scooter class. Here is the list of the top five 125cc scooters in India.

1. Honda Activa 125

Even though the famous Honda Activa 125 scooter is the latest entrant in the 125cc scooter class, it promises a combination, which is just too hard to miss. The premium scooter offers fuel-efficient yet powerful engine that comes with bonus additions like the front disc brake, telescopic front suspension, and even alloy wheels.

2. Suzuki Swish

The most popular 125cc scooter among the Indian public. Suzuki Swish comes with a powerful engine, which has refreshing designs options, provides a strong acceleration, and offers a comfortable ride. What is more? The scooter is built to be extremely well reliable, and low-cost to manage.

3. Mahindra Rodeo RZ

The standard 100cc scooter looks alike Mahindra Rodeo RZ’s dimensions are same as that of the once famous 100cc counterpart. But beneath that surface lies a powerful 125cc engine. Being the flagship scooter in Mahinda 2Wheelers’ segment, Rodeo RZ is the best they have on offer. Because of the mix of having a powerful engine that comes with a dainty kerb weight, the premium scooter speeds up briskly and swiftly. Mahindra Rodeo comes packed with a number of classy offerings too, like the complete digital display adorned with a trip meter, tachometer, over speed alarm, acceleration timer, a clock, anti-theft key, a cell phone charger socket, front-mounted fuel-filler, an impressive under seat storage area with handy light, and a side-stand indicator. With all these features, Mahindra Rodeo RZ has made its mark as the most sturdy and competent scooter of the segment.

4. Vespa VX 125

The most iconic scooter, Vespa VX125 has an enormous fan following all across the world. With the stunning looks, it is very quick on its bases and promises an awe-inspiring ride quality. The scooter comes with front disc brake, with a huge variety of color options. Along with this, the scooter that has always been around offering a once in a life driving experience to the riders making it worth the price it costs.

5. Suzuki Access 125

The most famous scooter of India Suzuki Access 125 was Suzuki’s foremost offering in the scooter segment when the brand first entered into Indian two-wheeler segment in the year 2007. It offers a high quality design, robust built, reliability, and power-packed delivery, all for an easy on buyers’ pocket price range.

The rising demand among the Indian public has only contributed to continuous advancements in the design and power. While this list is restricted to the best five in the automobile’s scooter segment, a number of other brands and models offers a comfortable, fuel efficient ride to the riders with the promise of a strong engine being given with every purchase.

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